Exciting Tours Through the History and Neighborhoods of New York City

Our private guided walking tours will give you the ultimate New York experience with up close and personal encounters around some of the world’s most famous neighborhoods and landmarks. Get to know the stories and secrets behind the people and places that formed the city and shaped the nation as you discover the treasures hidden between the city streets. Our tours are an exciting way to get a personal in depth look at many of the distinct neighborhoods of Manhattan and epic moments in history. You will experience New York through its rich history, diverse culture and inspiring dynamic by the most knowledgeable and professional guides in the industry. Get ready for an inspiring and unforgettable experience with New York Historical Tours.


Exceptional Tours by New York Historical Tours

Neighborhood Tours

Explore New York’s iconic neighborhoods rich with extraordinary history
Historic Lower Manhattan & Financial District Tour

Discover New York from it’s early colonial history and hear the stories behind how it evolved to become the financial capital of the world.

Downtown Manhattan, Tribeca & Soho Tour

Uncover the many layers of stunning transformation, impactful events and revitalization through the Lower West Side of Manhattan and World Trade Center.

South Street, Seaport & Brooklyn Bridge Tour

Journey between the past and the future and learn how this first major port fueled the growth of the city and beyond through to the iconic marvel of the Brooklyn Bridge.

Lower East Side, Chinatown, & Little Italy Tour

Explore the dynamic social history and diverse heritage of the south east side of Manhattan and learn how it developed and evolved into the melting pot of American culture.

Greenwich Village, NoHo and The East Village Tour

Encounter vibrant neighborhoods rich in history full of life and character world renowned for being an epicenter of creativity, and counter culture of international influence.

The West Village, Chelsea and the High Line Tour

Experience the Village on a walking tour with its it’s charming townhouses and one-of-a-kind places, many with great historical significance, as you navigate your way through to the artistically landscaped High Line Park.

Times Square and the Theater District Tour

Go beyond the bright lights and bustling streets for the history and behind the scene perspective of this dynamic home to world renowned entertainment and media.

Majestic Midtown Manhattan Tour

Be apart of the heart of the city, world famous for soaring sky scrapers, entertainment, fashion and shopping as you encounter many familiar sights you’ve seen in film and television.

Secrets of Central Park

Central Park is the centerpiece of Manhattan and America’s most popular and celebrated park where natural landscapes and man made features have been masterfully intertwined into a spectacular work of living art.


Historic Theme Tours

Discover the history behind influential figures and epic time periods that shaped the city and beyond
Alexander Hamilton & The Founding Fathers Tour

Get an intimate look of the lives and legacies of the most inspiring and accomplished figures in American history.

The Gilded Age: Heyday of High Society Tour

Explore the lives and dynamics of the titans of business and ingenuity from the American industrial revolution.

The Jazz Age: Swing Style and Social Revolution Tour

Discover the high life, style and cultural revolution of the roaring 1920s that inspired the modern era.


Museum Tours

Enrich yourself on a curated experience through some of the world’s greatest collections of art and artifacts
Metropolitan Museum of Art

Skip the line and be guided to the most exciting highlights of the Metropolitan Museum and learn about some of the most incredible art, influential artists and significant artifacts of American history.

The American Museum of Natural History Tour

Skip the line to go on a guided journey of discovery through one of the world’s greatest cultural and scientific institutions.

The Museum of Modern Art Tour

Skip the line and uncover the incredible history of The Museum of Modern Art, one of the largest and most influential museums of modern and contemporary art in the world.

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